The Sacred Crystal Codes awaken your Wisdom Through The Code Activations Of Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids. The Forecast For The Week is:

Crystal Code #3 – Diamond

This oracle comes into your life to support you in acknowledging all that you are. Diamonds are quite ordinary at first glance, their true beauty as jewels is only revealed through the cutting and polishing process.

You may have experienced people not seeing the diamond that you truly are, you came to this world with a clear purpose, to be this diamond. The experiences you have lived have been part of the cutting and shining process. Not understanding this process may have taken you to a place on your path where you have been shut down due to judgment and comparison, both by yourself and others.

Forgive yourself and others and begin living as the sparkling diamond you are.

The Crystal Grid

At the center of this grid is malachite which supports the birthing of your greatest journey. It supports you in breaking old patterns and embracing change as you take responsibility for transforming your life.

Supporting crystals are: lemurian points, green quartz, citrine, aquamarine

Crystal Code #12 – Guilt

This oracle reminds you that feeling guilty prevents you from truly surrendering and choosing your path. When you are in alignment with truth and make intuitive

decisions there is no space for guilt.

Understand that other people may feel disappointed and try to guilt you. But this

guilt serves no purpose to anyone else involved, so let it go.

People can not hurt you, they can only touch the hurt that is already inside of you.

People’s judgments can only get to you if you are already running that judgment towards yourself inside you.

The Crystal Grid

Sulphur is a stone of vitality and energy The vitality properties of sulphur will bring

protection and purification. This crystal helps to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts and even human energy fields.

Supporting crystals are: lemurian points, citrine, fluorite and aventurine

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