The Planetary Manifestation Activators™ are Crystal Grid Activators that help you embody the Universal planetary energy as you co-create your life and manifest your vision for your life. They were created to bring a new level of access for manifestation and creation by honing the energy you receive daily from the Universe enabling you to use this energy more consciously. 

The Planetary Energy We Are Calling In This Week Is:

Planetary Manifestation Activator™- Mercury

The Planetary Manifestation Activator™ MERCURY is here to activate the energy of thought and perception, communication, technology and travel. It rules commerce and media.

Mercury helps you increase your skills in writing and communicating and creating a profitable business.

Meditate on this grid and begin communicating with your future self, the person who is living the life you are building for yourself.

Akashic Realm Messenger™ that align with Mercury: Sereb, Lendew, Elok Eliak

Sacred Crystal Codes™ that align with Mercury: Communication, Seeds of Transformation

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