The Sacred Crystal Code of Guilt comes to remind you that allowing others opinions to cause you to feel guilty prevents you from truly walking your own path. As you try to avoid upsetting others so they shame you into feeling guilting for your actions, you will find that you avoid your true callings in life.

Understand that no one can really hurt you…when it feels that they are, it is because they are touching a hurt that is already inside of you. A person’s judgment of you only hurts if you already hold that judgment inside of you.

This may sound funny…but think of times when someone says something to you that is just silly…it doesn’t hurt your feeling, you think they are odd. Then another time they will say something that is just as silly but you are heartbroken and hurt, or hurt and mad!

The difference is the statement that hurt went in and opened a wound you already have, a belief about yourself that they just reminded you of. Healing these hurts is the energy behind the Guilt Grid.

You are not guilty of anything and when this is healed you will be free!

The center stone is sulphur, the stone of vitality and energy bringing protection and purification. Sulfur purifies and detoxifies thoughts and your energy field. The healing for this month will clear the energy of guilt that you are ready to release at this time.

Next week I will bring you a clearing and share the Sacred Crystal Grid for the month of June so you can begin to prepare for the coming month!