The steps to accessing the Akashic records…

The Akashic Records which has been referred to as ‘the mind of God’ or the collective subconscious, is believed to be the repository of every thought, word and deed of every living being, both good and bad across all time, space, dimension and reality. It derives from Akasha, the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’ ‘space’ or ‘æther’. It is a kind of virtual library encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.

So what can you discover?

Amongst other things, the Akashic records can help us find out where our souls are from and how this impacts our personality and strengths. We can also discover out what we have studied in between lifetimes and how this has impacted us. We can unveil what we are learning in our lives, and why we chose to incarnate in this current lifetime.

It can be accessed to help us remember what we are here to contribute and what we have mastered over many past lives. We can research and explore any given past life and find out more information about how they have influenced us. It is also possible to remember how many lifetimes we have had on this planet, how many lifetimes we may have had with other souls and even explore the future possibilities for our souls.

So what are the steps?

1) Release Resistance

We live in a dimension that synchronizes the law of attraction. It is impossible to manifest what you want if you have any form of resistance towards it. It’s best to visualize the Akashic Records as a huge library, each floor is another dimension. The Akashic Records interact with each dimension individually. That’s why there are different levels. Every single being has access to the Akashic Records and most access the information stored in it regularly.

2) Set Your Intention

What do you want to discover? Ask and then simply allow it to flow through you. This is the Akashic Records being accessed. When we allow we fall into vibrational alignment. Alignment is working yourself into the very frequency of the thing you are enquiring about.

It might be that you just want to confirm the existence of the Akashic Records, or maybe you have a specific question? Clarify your intention by journaling your thoughts. Remember you can ask what you like but you may not always get a reply. Then, simply state your intention and request that any guides or Angels help you discover your answers.

Clarify your intentions to access your akashic recordsPin3) Meditate

Relax and go into an alpha brainwave state. This allows you to raise your vibration and switch off from the outside world. Use whatever technique you prefer to achieve a peaceful, open state. Give yourself time to let your energy settle and center.

Ask to be allowed to access the records in regard to your question. Allow the information to enter your awareness. It could be visual or auditory or come in the form of a guide or angel. If you connect with another being, ask their name and clarify that you’re looking for access to the records in regard to a question.

4) Trust & Practice

Just like muscles, training takes practice. Try and keep a record of what arises within you, even if you’re doubting the information. It can take more than one attempt to get the results you desire. Even if you think nothing happened, journal any impressions or thoughts. It is likely that hindsight will unveil more than you expect.

Enjoy past life meditation.

Please leave a few comments below to let me know what you discovered about your past lives during the guided meditation.