The Numerology of the Sacred Crystal Code of Unity is 31. The 3 and the 1 speak to Divine Timing…more accurately the right timing…so things can come to life. When we are impatient we often scatter our precious seeds, energy, ideas, and love before their time and they do not have the proper support to mature and produce a full and rich harvest. They can be squashed or mocked, spurned or shamed…but without the right timing, they will not produce what they could have. And while you are working there you do not have space to welcome in the real opportunity so you miss it.

The Sacred Crystal Grid of Unity guides you to unite with Source energy, using your intuition and connection to know when the right time is. While the 3 and 1 bring a call to action…it is a call for the right action, right now…which could be to prepare the ground for the planting of your treasure, then trust that the next step will be revealed. The ultimate result of all this patient action is a Divine harvest…your dreams coming to fruition in ways you could not have even imagined!

So trust that you are being guided…step by step…that creation is taking place, everything will come together according to Divine Plan if you take the steps you can take here in the physical world without pushing or trying to control. The Universe has your back and you can trust the unity of that connection. 

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