The Sacred Crystal Grid of Simplicity holds the energy of perfection…simple perfection. While this is beautiful, it does have a shadow side and this is what I will address today.

As we began this series on Simplicity we discussed the habit too many humans have of overcomplicating things! (We all do it at times.)

There are two reasons for this that I want to talk with you about today. The first is the belief that if something isn’t hard (as in complicated) it doesn’t have much value. This is why many brilliant people don’t use their gifts to full effect…your true gift is easy for you and this causes you to think there is not much value in it.

Yet, this is the beauty of living out your gift…it IS easy for you and you love it. This is the origin of the saying, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. (Which assumes we think work has to be awful and hard!)

So let go of the idea that things have to be hard to be valuable!

Then there is the issue of perfectionism…simplicity demands clarity and clarity leads to simplicity (and joy and manifestation and all the stuff we want!)

So what do you do? Allow the simple fact that you are perfect, whole and complete RIGHT NOW…no matter how things may look on the outside…this is the truth of your Soul. When you stop demanding that you do things perfectly and just be the perfection you are clarity and simplicity will fill you with joy!

The Akashic Clearing focuses on clearing these two beliefs so simplicity can flow in your life.