When love is in the air, it can elude or pervade – the choice is yours.

The only question that begs; are you ready for it?

Love is a rollercoaster of emotions and brings out the best and worst in people. Before you enter into a relationship, do you take the time to layout what you’re really looking for? Or do you jump in and hope for something new and exciting?

A lot of people I’ve worked with lately have found themselves continuously attracting the same kind of guy or girl in a relationship. Does this sound familiar?

They look, walk, talk and appear different on the outside which may have convinced you that this person is different than your last relationship, but after a few months, you may start to notice the same patterns come up, triggering you to your core.

This often happens when we’ve not faced our core wounding and the vicious cycle of mirrors in relationships can often make those issues resurface.

You have a choice to ignore it, run away from it, or mask it, but ultimately you’d keep making the same errors. I’d wager a guess and say that deep down you know this, but the more you choose to avoid your core wounding in relationships, the more it will amplify and keep cycling.

The good news is you also have an opportunity to look at what that wounding is, and I’m excited to share with you one of my most trusted resources I’ve helped clients with to help heal this – once and for all.

Tapping into Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of your soul that hold all information about the cosmic truth of who you really are. It records every word, thought, action, event, emotion and belief system. By accessing your Akashic Records you will receive information to understand your blocks and limitations in life, so you can receive insights and possible choices in co-creating a better outcome. This automatically brings awareness in providing you an opportunity for deep transformational healing in all dimensions, planes and times by embracing a new reality that is of higher service to you and to your soul’s journey.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you feel you’re finally done dating the same type of person?
  • Do you feel unsure about your love journey and want to tap into your creativity further to help unravel the truth of your process?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from limiting patterns and blockages, to create a greater understanding of yourself and ultimately connection with others?
  • Are you willing to level up to step into the person you were born to become, allowing you to attract a suitable mate that makes your heart sing?

If you’ve read this far, it’s a great possibility that now is the time to finally make this shift.

For those brave enough to become the conscious co-creator and lean into your personal worth, looking at your personal Akashic Records is the deepest profound tool kit for you to create the desires you’re after.

5 steps to heal your relationship with Akashic Records

1. Pattern Recognition

Before healing can take place you must recognize that there is a pattern. This requires for you to be present by acknowledging the reality of what is actually happening in your relationship (or lack of) that is no longer serving you. So, bring yourself into a state of awareness and really consider the repeating patterns you’re experiencing.

2. Pattern Identification

Patterns come from somewhere. You’ve either picked up from childhood, society, parents, school, culture or religious programming or perhaps even other lifetimes or realities. By identifying where you have adopted the pattern, you’ll be able to see how it plays in your intimate relationships, as well as in business, and friendships.

3. Identify Core Belief System

From the pattern identification, you’ll be able to identify the subconscious belief system that is at play. For example, let’s say you keep attracting unavailable men, and you identify that this stems from your father never being available for you. As a result, you created a belief system (or a story) that you are not good enough to be loved. So fast forward you keep attracting the misconception of “love” by attracting unavailable men.

4. Release The Story

There are many varying techniques that are used in the Akashic Records to release the belief system that’s been playing out in your subconscious reality. This is released on all levels until you feel complete.

Here are some quick release methods for the most common belief systems that sabotage relationships.

5. Re-create A New Belief System

Now that you have released what no longer serves you, space has been created. In your personal Akashic Records you are able to call in a new belief system that serves your current reality. For example, if your belief was that you’re unlovable, you have the power to flip that script and call in your highest good of being loved unconditionally. This will permeate through every cell of your DNA until you feel expanded in your energy field.

Once people are truly ready to let go and make a change, having an Akashic Records reading can often exhibit immediate shifts. You viscerally become a different person. You now show up with confidence, better posture, fewer nerves, increased interest and many people actually start to look different

Letting go of the story that you’ve been holding onto is the most powerful way to make the necessary shift. Once you’re able to get there, you will begin to show up empowered and likely not recognize the confusion you once exuded in your old self.

When you grow, shift and change, you are telling the universe the love you are looking for is real and you finally stop attracting those same people because you are showing up different. The universe has noticed and will respond by putting elevated people into your sphere.

About Baljit Rayat

Baljit Rayat is an Akashic Records Consultant and the founder of Lotus Destiny™. Committed to raising the vibration of humanity, Baljit has worked with thousands of women and men worldwide to uplevel their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are to the core, creating profound results in their businesses and relationships. She believes everything is this world is energy and getting to the root of desire causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life. To access your personal Akashic Record and align to your Soul Blueprint visit LotusDestiny.com, and download your 60 min audio visual meditation journey here.

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