We all have the power to change our lives and become whatever we want. One of the more effective ways to do this is to use affirmations. Affirmations are statements saying positive things about yourself. We all need to do this to ourselves, even the people who are naturally positive in outlook. Some people look at the glass of lemonade and say, “Oh, it’s half empty”. Others look at it and say, “Great! It’s half dull!” Both are correct, but which person really needs to use affirmations?

The things you say in an affirmation may belong more in the future that the here and now, but they are always phrased in the present tense. You can say affirmations anytime and anywhere. If you are waiting to be served, use the time for self-improvement by saying affirmations to yourself. You can say silently or out loud, although it might be wiser to say them silently if you are waiting your turn at the back! Affirmations are especially powerful if you silently sat them before drifting off to sleep, or if you stand in front of a mirror and say them out loud.

Whilst saying your affirmations you may find the entire negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back coming to the surface. Allow this to happen and then watch them fade away nothing. The ‘father’ of is a Frenchman, Emile Couẻ, who around the turn of the century became a hero in Europe and America by demonstrating the effectiveness of the affirmations in thousands of cases. You probably know his affirmation – “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”.

You can create your own affirmations to suit any need or purpose. Just remember to phrase them in the present tense and keep positive. For instance you would say, “I am healthy and Vigorous” rather than “Hopefully. If hey lucky, I’ll become healthy and vigorous”.

Here are some affirmations to get started:

“I am peaceful and calm”.

“I feel warm and loving toward myself”.

“I create wealth and abundance”.

“I will always do the best I can with the best I can with what I know and always use everything for my advancement”.

“I forgive myself unconditionally”.

“I give myself permission to live, love and laugh”.

“I live in abundant universe”.

“I am my own best friend”.

“I am a joyful giver”.

“I forgive my enemies”.

“I am the greatest”, (Muhammad Ali)

“I am strong, I am invincible, I am a woman”, (Helen Reddy)

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul,” (William Ernest Henley)

“I am in love with the world.” (Jonathan Swift)

“I am content.” (John Quincy Adams)

Here is a “Self-Love Exercise” devised by Dr. Norman Shealy. It is a particularly good meditation as it forces you to say affirmations to yourself.


Relax. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and relax. Now repeat after me each phrase. (Pause 15 seconds after each one.)

My arms and legs are heavy and warm. (3 times)

My heartbeat is calm and regular. (3 times)

My abdomen is warm. (3 times)

My forehead is cool. (3 times)

My mind is quite and still. (3 times)

I am at peace.

I am very happy. (4 times)

I succeed in my greatness desires. (4 times)

Everyday in every way I am becoming more and more healthy. (4 times)

I have a very healthy and happy mind. (4 times)

I have a very healthy and loving mind. (4 times)

I am building a beautifully functioning body and mind. (4 times)

I love and appreciate all my excellent abilities. (4 times)

I know that my innermost being is magnificent, wise and loving. (4 times)

I love and appreciate the universal life force which sustains me. (4 times)

Each time I practice these exercises, I gain more of my desires.

Every day in every way I am becoming more and more healthy.