A Quick Lesson in Numerology

In the classic 1995 book, “Talisman Magic”, numerologist Richard Webster explains how the numbers in each of the 16 cells relate to the person’s numerological chart, and I certainly recommend that you seek out and learn Richard’s approach. This is a wonderful way to prepare a numerological chart, and it will be just as accurate as a reading based on Tarot cards, palmistry or any of the usual oracles.

For our purposes, however, we’ll concentrate on just one of the cells – the D Cell (the one in the upper right-hand corner). As any numerologist will tell you, the single-digit number created by adding up all the numbers in a person’s date of birth is called the Life Path Number. It is also sometimes known as the Destiny Number, which is easy to remember, since it’s in the ‘D’ Cell (‘D’ stands for ‘Destiny’, right?).

In Numerology, the Destiny Number represents a person’s mission in life and the lessons they are here on Earth to learn. You can also think of it as the potential destiny that a person may achieve if they decide to pursue it.

Here are the basic lessons of the numbers 1 – 9, as they relate to the Life Path/Destiny Number:

To develop leadership qualities and become independent, confident, and self-sufficient. Ones are naturally curious and embody the pioneering spirit.

To develop diplomatic qualities, tact, as well as how to cooperate and bring others together. Often seen as peacemakers, Twos work well in partnerships of any kind.

To develop creative abilities and to learn how to express oneself creatively. Threes take a natural delight in the world around them, and tend to be flexible and easy-going.

To become organized, stable and hard-working. The Four who fulfills their promise recognizes the value of moving slowly and steadily towards a defined goal.

To learn how to cope with constant change, variety, adventure and risk. This is an especially challenging Life Path, and the Five will often appear to lead an unusually hectic life.

To develop domestic responsibility and the love of family, hearth & home. Evolved Sixes tend to be very giving of their time and energy, often at the expense of their own personal needs and ambitions.

To learn the value of spiritual wisdom, philosophical introspection and careful analysis. Similar to the One in that they both can lead a solitary lifestyle, the Seven often prefers to conduct their search for meaning in quiet seclusion.

To learn how to manage prosperity and the true value of material success. Many Eights have an endless supply of ideas on how to prosper, and have an intuitive way of identifying the resources they need.

To develop a humanitarian and charitable view of the world, and to put that philosophy into action. Like the Six, the Nine finds fulfillment through helping others, although the Nine tends to think in global terms.

Remember how I told you to leave the number alone if it was 11 or 22? The reason is because in the tradition of numerology, these two numbers are considered to be powerful “Master Numbers” and have meanings that are related to, but more dynamic than the lesser numbers of 2 and 4. So, here are the meanings for the Master Numbers:

Is the number of The Master Planner or Visionary. This is the person who has great visions of how things should be, and the lesson the Eleven Person must learn is recognize the difference between what’s practical and what’s a pipe dream.

Is the number of The Master Builder. This person has evolved from the Master Planner phase, and is able to recognize a practical idea when they see it. As such, the Twenty-two is able to accomplish great things on a far-reaching level. Because of the elevated vibration of the Twenty-two Person, there is the potential of excess energy that must be channeled in a constructive direction.

The best way to memorize the meanings of the numbers is to work with them for a while. To make this process easier, I would recommend that you use the meanings listed here. Eventually, you won’t need to refer to this, but until then you can create the Omega Matrix without the stress of trying to remember all the meanings