How To Cope With Unwelcome Change Using Numerology


Dealing with unwanted change? Even though the only guarantees we get in life (besides death & taxes) is change, we humans have a hard time dealing with it.

In this slideshow blog post, Dawn guides you through 3 simple tools help you handle your life’s inevitable changes.

Are you facing a personal change right now that’s less than easy? Give these 3 tools a try, then let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Many Blessings,

About Dawn DelVecchio

Born on April 24th, 1965, Dawn DelVecchio is a 4-4-9 (Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge). This combination lends itself to a life of Spiritual Purpose, achieved through solid skills and a reliable character. Dawn has studied many healing and wisdom systems over the course of nearly 30 years, including Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Reiki, Herbalism, Sacred Ceremony, and some Numerology… she's excited and honored to help anyone seeking deeper wisdom, greater insight and a happier, more self-aware life!