What if everything you’ve gone through — every “bad” relationship, every rejection and heartbreak, has been preparing you for this moment in your life? What if your past experiences in relationship have shaped and molded you into the discerning, insightful, and intuitive person you are today?

Spirit guides invite you to consider the possibility that you are now perfectly placed to attract the most loving, supporting and accepting relationship into your life.

Here is your Love and Relationship reading with Spirit Guides for November 2016. Create the intention to connect with your guides, and ask which message is most appropriate for today — message #1, #2, or #3.

If you got message #1, it’s at :27.
If you got message #2, it’s at 3:48.
If you got message #3, it’s at 7:16.

With Love and Blessings,


About Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay is an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher who offers intuitive tarot readings with your spirit guides. She’s a contributor to the book, When Heaven Touches Earth - A Little Book of Magic, Miracles, and Wonders by James Van Praagh, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and Lisa McCourt. To find out more or to schedule a reading, visit JessicaMcKay.net.