Psychic protection techniques are ways that you can energetically protect yourself from negativity in any form.

It is normal to experience negativity in life, but you do not need to become weighed down by it.

Use any of the 5 Psychic Protection techniques below, either separately or together so you can maintain a positive balanced state, staying in joy and love.

Psychic protection is valuable to use on a consistent basis. It becomes even more important to psychically protect yourself before entering into busy public places, conversing with someone who is overly negative, or when you feel a bit off about a person, place or situation.

Putting in even just a little bit of effort to consciously shield yourself can do wonders to prevent you from being dragged into other people’s negativity, and drama, or lowered in vibration yourself.

By maintaining a high vibration, and staying in love and joy you will naturally repel and protect yourself from negativity, density and psychic attack. This combined with the five psychic protection exercises listed below, will empower you to enjoy more sustained periods of love and light.

Psychic Protection

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