On Thursday, January 12th, a powerful Full Moon in Cancer at 22° (with the Sun at 22° Capricorn) leads us through January’s 11 Gateway into a “Grand Square” Pyramid of Light and Love.

CANCER governs your home and heart and is ruled by the Moon, so this full moon will be extra emotional and affectionate.

Nurture yourself and honor your yearning for spirituality – wherever you are, it is part of you.

The 11 gateway of Initiation and Light is activated all month long – this is a big call to live totally in the present moment, and make spirituality part of your life on a daily basis.

Feel yourself as a spiritual being of light.

By now Mercury is moving direct again and on the day of the full moon it re-enters Capricorn creating a forward momentum that invites you to explore your mission with focused enthusiasm.

A beautiful “stellium” of four planets in Pisces – Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron – brings a tremendous spiritual awareness and a gentle awakening of your inner light.

  • SHARE spirituality with your partner and close friends.
  • Make the mystical a part of your life, EVERY DAY.

Finally, a harmonious trine between Uranus and Saturn brings a lot of positive changes and emphasizes having common goals with others. This is the BIG theme in 2017.

Be sure to see the forecast for the first defining FULL Moon of 2017!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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