• Turn Yourself Into A Money Magnet With This Simple Numerology Trick

    Post by: Dawn DelVecchio| April 22, 2013| 13 Comments

    If you’re looking to grow your business, lower your credit card debt or simply increase your income… this is your year!

    2013 has a Universal Year Number of 6 which carries an unavoidable vibrational pattern of financial abundance. This means that we will continue to witness the grip of the economic crisis weaken and more money begin to circulate this year (and in unexpected ways)…

    Don’t be surprised if your neighbor drives home one day in a shiny new convertible–or if previously pennywise clients start beating a path to your door. All numbers point to more wealth this year.

    But, there’s a way you can attract even MORE financial abundance into your life before the year is up. The unexpected answer lies in the number 8 and your unique wealth signature revealed in your Numerology Profile.

    Watch the 5 minute video below where I reveal a funky little Numerology ‘trick’ for switching on your True Wealth Power and turning yourself into a moolah magnet…

    And even more good news: money acts as an accelerator which means, once you claim it, you’ll be able to enjoy more abundance in all areas of your life this year and do more of what you truly want :)

    Watch, enjoy, and be abundant:

    Here’s a guide to the good bits:

    0.16: The single most searingly urgent number you MUST know for 2013

    2.12: How your ‘vibrational signature’ could be responsible for your trickiest financial challenges

    3.45: The one thing all good Numerologists do before making ANY financial decision

    4.24: Feeling a little ‘out of it’ in your wealth power? How to instantly realign yourself with abundance.

    I’d love to hear where the number 8 has started appearing in your life so far this year! Leave your comments below.

    Many blessings,

    P.S. If you don’t have your Numerology Profile yet, don’t worry – I’ll be sharing yours with you very soon.